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The Power of Mindset in Business

The Power of Mindset in Business

When I first started out in business over a decade ago, I thought that success came as a result of hustling and working long hours. So that’s exactly what I did. I worked until all hours of the night (with a new baby in tow), tried to do e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, got absorbed in a business bubble and, not surprisingly, burnt myself out in the process.

The crazy thing was that my business didn’t even achieve the success I wanted it to as a result of all my hard work and sacrifices. I was still struggling to make ends meet, living off of 2 Minute Noodles and generally, not feeling too enthusiastic about life or my business.

Needless to say I hit rock bottom and was forced to re-evaluate what I was doing.

For me, re-evaluation meant taking a step back from all things business and instead, turning my attention to personal development tools and resources. Along the way I stumbled across one key learning that, unbeknownst to me at the time, would completely revolutionise the way I showed up in my business. It was this learning that took my business from ‘Struggle Street’ to the now 7 figure empire I’m proud to say it is today.

So what was that learning?


Yep, not marketing. Not strategy. Not sales. MINDSET.

The thing I realised was this - I was striving for a big goal (of wanting to run a financially abundant business that supported me and my family) but I didn’t actually believe I could do it.

When I stopped and peered inside my mind, I realised that I had so many beliefs that were blocking me …

‘How could I build an empire? I’ve never even run a business before!’

‘I can’t do that, I don’t have what it takes.’

‘I could never earn a million dollars - what normal person earns a million dollars?!’

‘This is never going to work. I may as well give up now’.

Do you see the discord? I desperately wanted to achieve something that I didn’t actually think I could.

Although this may sound a bit ‘woo-woo’, any good business coach will tell you that you cannot achieve business success if you don’t believe you can.

Think about Steve Jobs.

Tony Robbins.

Marie Forleo.

Yes, they may all say that they have had (and no doubt continue to have) moments of self doubt, but I’m almost certain that each of them would attest to self belief and mindset being one of the key contributors to their success.

Someone who doesn’t believe in themselves is not going to put themselves out of their comfort zone, be innovative, test new ideas with a sense of curiosity or take risks.

No, someone who doesn’t believe in themselves is going to play small, stay safe, keep quiet and limit themselves.

As soon as I began to become aware of my limiting thoughts and made an active attempt everyday to stop them in their tracks, my business began to succeed. Why? Because I started showing up, spreading my message with confidence, playing big and embracing feeling uncomfortable.

While I’m not saying that you should step away from the business books if you’re struggling to grow your business, I am saying that you do need to be working on your mindset at the same time - especially if creating and growing a business that financially supports you is something you’re truly committed to.

Here’s some great resources that helped, and continue to help me, on my journey:

The Secret by Rhonda Bryne.

Money & Mindfulness: Living in Abundance and Daring & Disruptive: Unleashing The Entrepreneur by Lisa Messenger.

Remember: you have everything you need within you to succeed in business. Have faith, believe in yourself and be patient as you journey forward. Success doesn’t happen overnight, but it does greet those who continue to show up and do the external and internal work.

If you’re new to the skincare industry my Mindset Mastery for Business Success course may be just the resource you’re looking for. In it I share practical advice and teachings on mindset to help you build an abundant business that you love and is sustainable. 

Wishing you all the success in the world,

Caryna. X