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Everything you need to start a brand in the beauty product space

Want our proven road map for a thriving product-based business? 

Even if you have zero experience, limited hours and are terrified of launching to crickets

Hey Beauty! Did you know:

Australia’s skin care market is predicted to grow to a WOW-worthy USD 2.94 billion by 2028?

So, what’s that mean for you?

In particular, natural skin care is experiencing a resurgence in demand. We’ll raise our Aperols to that!

There’s never been a more powerful time to:

• Enjoy an extra stream of income

• Increase in-salon sales

• Add to the cocktail fund

Thanks to your own product-based beauty business! 

Where other product-based businesses contribute to landfill, feature harsh chemicals and unethical practices… beauty businesses offer a sustainable, nature-fuelled solution that genuinely helps people and blows the environment a kiss with its practices. 

Think: beauty and brains.


Hot tip, babe: stellar products alone don’t guarantee success


(which is awesome – thanks internet!)... the vast majority of salons, startups and side-hustlers get 

smacked by the realisation that…

               > even if you pour hours into competitor research...

               > even if you invest in pro branding and a pretty ecommerce store

               > And especially if you grow to *thousands* of Instagram followers… 

When it comes time to launch (anticipating sales pings on repeat)... 99% of new beauty brands are met with crickets. Launch days, weeks and months with zero sales (despite SO MUCH hard work). Which snow balls into self-doubt. And finally: the moment when you tug the blinds closed, skull a bottle of red in bed,  build a fort out of nothing more than UberEats bags, a bucket full of tears and a snotty tissue mountain.

Ready to throw the towel, believing that the money, freedom and flexibility you dream of could never really be yours.

How do I know? Because I have been there. Oof have I been there. 

(Those late nights madly Googling, fumbling through DIY fails and ‘transaction declined’ bells at the Woolworths cash register… it feels like yesterday)

Hey babe, I’m Caryna

Qualified Chemist, 7-figure founder of Private Label Skin Care and the creator of the Start a Beauty Business Course

Over a decade ago, I started a skin care brand with zero business knowledge and very little money to my name.

With no role models or teachers to light my path forward, it took many years of fumbling around in the dark, winging it and making (lots) of mistakes to get where I am now…

Working very few hours (thanks to my awesome team!), homeschooling my kids while running a thriving skin care business, going on 4 holidays a year, providing my family with limitless opportunities and generally living my best life. 

I want this for you too (just minus the stress and overwhelm I experienced!)

The Start a Beauty Business Course is EVERYTHING I wish I’d known when I started my first product-based beauty business

This is your answer to step into your fullest potential.

Whether you’d love to become a household name, like so many of my clients… Replace your 9-5 income, or simply inch closer to your ‘Maldives trip’ financial goal… 

You’re exactly where you need to be. 

Because Google’s vague, untested and – let’s face it – mostly AI generated advice won’t get you there.

You know… to the bit where you fast-forward your journey and dive straight into the juicy money making part?!

Start a Beauty Business is the result of a decade’s worth of tried, tested and true processes refined and developed for today’s market.

Clients feature in

General business building skills alone no longer cut it in the product-based skin care world.


Why? Because building a beauty brand requires a specific set of real-world knowhow and resources…

You know, the steps that *actually* move the business’s needle forward – this can’t be taught by just anyone!

Over a decade’s on-the-ground experience and learnings are packaged up in one place, just for you.

If you’re ready to start and scale a beauty brand that gets seen and sold, and say a huge ‘Y-E-S Q-U-E-E-N’ to uncapped income…

While building a business that sees:

• Everything you create thrive in both in-person and online markets

• Your product stand head and shoulders above the competition

• Happy customers buy from you again and again (and again!)

Your legacy for your kiddos realised before your eyes…

Then get excited, beauty!


Start a Beauty Business Course

The ‘here’s exactly how you do it’ 6-part program for salons, startups and side-hustlers ready to  start, build and scale a thriving product-based beauty brand without starting from scratch

Including fill-in-the-blanks social media templates, catalogues, skin fact sheets, label layouts & SO MUCH more to get you up and running FAST 

This is not your average beauty business course

This is a ‘reveal all’ hub where you receive complete access to my exact systems, insider secrets, and actionable strategies that have seen my businesses grow to 7-figures

From zero experience to a thriving business with soaring sales!

Start your own skin care line from scratch | Caryna Khan | Private Label Skin Care


Set up your business from ground zero with this legitimate fast-track

  • Uncover the 411 on labelling laws and Australian skin care terms
  • Track expenses and set up your accounting software
  • Register your business name, domain, ABN and GST


Create your dream customer attracting selling system

  • Price your products and map out costs for biz longevity
  • Create a conversion-ready ecommerce store
  • Follow hype-building steps to successfully launch your brand and products to a sea of die-hard fans

Understanding key terms in the Australian natural skin care industry

Getting clear on your expenses

Pricing your Products

Business name registration and trademark

Setting up social media profiles

Applying for an ABN

Registering your domain name and choosing your web hosting company

Establishing your point of difference in the market


Understanding Australian labelling laws

Designing your labels

Considering your customer's experience

Registering for GST

Creating your Online Store

Choosing your Accounting Software

Product Photography


Ongoing business support


Strengthening your mindset


Design a polished brand then market like a pro

  • Craft an irresistible visual brand and design assets
  • Master your marketing message for more eyes on your products
  • Grow your brand with a complete guide to collabs with influencers


Craft conversion copy for your website and emails

  • Uncover your dream customer’s psychology and write compelling words to sell your products with ease 
  • Write your website copy and welcome email sequence using our templates to increase buyer loyalty and add-on sales
  • Apply our template to create a sales landing page to drive higher conversions for special offers

Did someone say beauty & brains?

Craft your Brand Voice

Compelling product description templates

Social media content templates

Blog post blue print

Brand message worksheet

Website copy & nurture email templates


Leverage multiple channels to supercharge sales

  • Unlock exactly how to pitch to (and land!) stockists and wholesalers
  • How to set up a successful store on Etsy and Amazon
  • How to leverage working with an Order Fulfilment Provider to create a more lucrative business model


Invite successes into your business and world

  • Set realistic goals (examples provided!) for the next 6 months so you actively achieve your future’s vision
  • Affirmations for an expansive mindset that propels your business forward
  • Master your business mindset to invite successes into your world and business itself

Printable positive affirmations to keep your mindset expansive and abundant

A digital vision board template so you can get clear on what desire and attract it to you

The key wealth-building practices that supported Caryna to hit seven figures in her business

Differentiate between a limiting business mindset and an expansive business mindset (so you can embody the latter!)

Thrive and keep your mindset growth focussed when your business isn't going as well as you'd hoped

Tap into the biggest and most inspiring vision for your Brand. Understand what blocks are preventing you from it and what you can do to change it!

Use the Law of Attraction to get your business to where you want it to be

Intentionally use your thoughts to attract what you desire

Use joy and pleasure as a way to shift your energy and keep your mindset expansive

Use vision boarding to call in what you want

Plus you’ll score these beautiful bonuses

Social Media Templates

$100 value

Skin care brand-specific designs ready to update

Product Label Templates

$100 value

Present a polished product look with shelf-candy labels

Catalogue Templates

$100 value

Display your products like a pro with an editable catalogue

Salon or spa skin care biz course

$295 value

A mini course designed to elevate in-store earnings

Skin knowledge & facial guide

$100 value

Developed by a qualified Chemist to claim as your own

To recap

Your Start A Beauty Business Course Includes

PLUS $695 worth of bonuses!


Business #Basics

  • Australian skin care industry key terms & labelling laws
  • Tracking expenses, and setting up your accounting software
  • Registering your business name, domain, ABN and GST


Flawless Foundations

  • Pricing your products
  • Launching your brand and products
  • Ecommerce store setup


Your Products Seen & Sold!

  • Marketing magic
  • Branding and design 101
  • Working with influencers to grow your brand


Win Dream Customers

  • Your ideal customer
  • Writing copy that sells
  • Creating a sales landing page


Expand your Market

  • How to sell on Etsy and Amazon
  • Working with stockists and wholesalers
  • Working with an order fulfilment provider


Scale your Legacy

  • Visioning and goal setting
  • Affirmations for an expansive state of mind
  • Mindset mastery for business success

Start a Beauty Business Course


Complete at your own pace while saving THOUSANDS of dollars and MONTHS (years?) of research while you build your beauty brand!

$1995 AUD

This is the kind of business program my mentors warned me not to launch

Call me cuckoo – but I believe there’s plenty of business to go around. So I mean it when I say, I do not hold back, sugar coat or give vague advice inside this program. 

This course reveals the *exact* steps I’ve taken to build my business to where it is today. Word for word. Document by document. Resource by resource. 

I created Start a Beauty Business for aspiring and product-based business owners.

I live and breathe all things business and beauty, and my passion has paid off exponentially after a decade’s hard work with a thriving multi-million dollar company. 

I know exactly what you need to do, how you need to do it.

Let me light your way!

Your Learning Journey Awaits!

Step One - Enrol

Say a big ‘YES!’ to your exciting new chapter and immediately receive LIFETIME access to the entire Start a Beauty Business course

Step Two - Choose your Pathway

Choose your starting point based on where you’re currently at. Need to craft irresistible branding? Start there! Website due for an overhaul? Go to it!

Step Three - Rinse and Repeat

Return to any module, any time. From the early days setting up catalogues, to selling on your website, right through to bringing on stockists and beyond. 

“We’ve achieved so much more than we expected - Our brand is growing at a nice pace and I feel so happy that I can support a small business with these formulas."


“There’s no document you haven’t thought of - Everything is so detailed and professional."


“Creating my own brand has been so easy! - Super great communication, and now I get to offer a great skin care range in my salon."



Do I need to already have a product created in order to get something out of this program?

You don’t, however, product design/creation isn’t specifically covered in this program. You can however score this course FREE when you buy Private Label Skin Care’s Biz in a Box, which includes branded products!

What makes this program different from other business courses out there?

Not only does it include everything you need to start and grow your brand, it’s been created by someone who has walked your exact same path in the product arena and come out the other side making millions! I know specific hurdles, blocks and struggles you’ll need to traverse in order to get from where you are to where you want to be, because I have lived experience, not just book experience.

How is the program content delivered?

All your program resources are delivered through Dropbox … and you are granted lifetime access! Start a Beauty Business is self-paced, so you can fit it into your life in a way that feels achievable. PLUS you can pick and choose which modules/courses you dive into, allowing your to choose your own adventure and educate yourself in the most potent way possible.

How long does it take to do the whole program?

The program is 100% self-directed so it’s entirely up to you. In saying this, you will need at least three months to go through all the content.

While it’s digestible and easy to follow, it takes a lot to build an empire, and we haven’t left any stones unturned in the creation of this program.

I recommend devoting time to not just absorbing the content, but implementing it too. Taking action is just as important (if not more important!) as learning what needs to be done, so if you want to see success, you’ll need to do the work, my friend.

Still have a question that’s hot on your head and heart?

No worries!Simply email our helpful team at and we’ll get back to you soon.

Caryna Khan at home with family Smiling

I want you to know you’re more than capable of starting and scaling the product-based beauty business of your dreams

You really CAN experience the wealth, freedom and success you desire… in business and in life

(Yes, even if you have zero experience or what you’ve tried hasn’t worked – until now)

It’s time to get your product seen and sold. 

It’s time to touch the lives of others and truly help.

It’s time to go all in on your wild dreams. 

It’s time to make them a reality. 

I’m SO excited to support and celebrate you on the other side! 

Caryna x

Ready to score your ticket to soaring success?

Let’s be honest – you wouldn’t have read this far if you weren’t! Get immediate lifetime access PLUS $695 in bonuses alone - For just $1995