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What is private labelling, and how can it help my business?

What is private labelling, and how can it help my business?

Private labelling - aka process of taking the goods that have been manufactured by one company and labelling and selling them under the branding of another company - is an extremely popular way to start and grow a business. Used by startups who want to build, and established businesses who want to expand, private labelling offers a cost, time and energy effective way to create a financially abundant business. 

There are so many benefits associated with private labelling, many of which came to my awareness after spending years working in the skincare industry (here’s a fun fact for you - I’ve been skin obsessed since I was a small child and at the ripe age of 11 was spending all my pocket money on facials!) I saw many skincare businesses start up and fail, simply because they didn’t have the time, energy, knowledge or money to make it work and compete in the market - not because they lacked passion, but because the process to bring a skincare business to life can be challenging, particularly if you haven’t done it before. 

There’s a lot to consider when you start your own skincare business. There’s formulations and testing, manufacturing and storage, marketing and distribution - the list goes on and on. But it can be done and, as demonstrated by so many clients who private label with PLSC, these businesses can be wildly successful and profitable.

Through and through I’m passionate about two things …

  1. People having access to high quality products that significantly improve their skin health,
  2. Helping people build successful skincare businesses that are financially abundant, reputable and feel enjoyable (and as stress free as possible) to run. 

Those two reasons, in a nutshell, are why I created PLSC.

There’s so many benefits to private labelling. Here’s a few of our favourites here at PLSC:

It’s a more cost effective way of starting your own brand 

Starting a business has never been easier with private labelling. Gone are the big expenses associated with purchasing machinery or renting a lab or storage space  - using a private label company automatically wipes out all those costs for you.

Here at PLSC we have an eco lab where all our products are made from scratch, and to order. You don’t have to worry about anything to do with the manufacturing side of the process, nor do you have to incur any of the big expenses required to do this. You simply place your order online and wait while your product is made, packaged and posted. Voila, you have a sellable product that is ready to go without you having to do very much at all!

There’s quicker turnaround times

There’s a lot to attend to when you’re running your own business and as much as many brands would love to be in the lab full time creating their own products, this simply isn’t an option.

Here at PLSC, our primary focus is production. We spend 90% of our day in the lab and begin creating as soon as your order lands. This means that the turnaround time between you ordering and having your ready-to-sell products delivered to your doorstep is extremely short (in fact, for our Australian based friends, your products will usually be on your doorstep in as little as 2 weeks after you place your order!)

It’s a time effective way to run a business

Private labelling saves you a huge amount of time. Gone are the hours spent maintaining and repairing machinery, checking inventory, ordering ingredients, manufacturing and packaging. We take care of all that for you, leaving you with more time to work in your business, marketing your products and making money!

There’s less risk

With the huge amount of costs involved with setting up a business, private labelling offers you a low cost and low risk way of starting your own business. Starting with PLSC requires a very small financial outlay - starting from as little as $160 (excluding label design, label printing and postage fees). Compared to what you would pay to create and test your own recipes, source your own packaging and manufacture your own products, this is astronomically low.

You have access to tried and trusted formulas 

Creating a skincare product that is high quality, stable and effective isn’t easy. In fact, I’ve spent years perfecting my recipes and getting them to the standard they are today. Starting a business with a product that doesn’t meet the mark will only set you back, waste your money and ruin your reputation. 

We receive a lot of positive feedback about our products and their efficacy here at PLSC. You can read some of the amazing testimonials our happy clients have shared here. You can also try samples of our products and make up your mind for yourself (samples).

Interested? Getting started with PLSC is so easy. Here’s the process in a few simple steps:

  • Purchase samples of the products you’re interested in having in your own range
  • If you love them (which you will!) and want to start your own brand or expand your existing brand, you can use one of our FREE label templates (which you can find in our Label Information Guide) or find a designer and have your labels created. We give you all the information you’ll need to pass onto your designer to make this happen (the list of ingredients, label sizes, etc.) - you just need to decide on your branding! 
  • Place your online order.
  • Contact Long Story Short Design and Print (or a printing company of your choice) and get your labels printed.

That’s it! From there you can just sit back while we create your products, package and post them to you!

As you can see, there’s so many benefits associated with collaborating with a private label company to help you start or expand your skincare business. If you’re filled with excitement and joy at the prospect of starting your own natural and ethical skincare line, then we’d love to support you! You can start by reaching out via email ( and asking any questions you may have, or trial our samples here.

I promise that together we can create the skincare brand you have been dreaming about.