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How to level up your skincare brand like a boss!

How to level up your skincare brand like a boss!

Here at Private Label Skin Care, we work with and support brands at all stages of their business journey. 

Today, we want to speak specifically to those skincare brands that are established, running along smoothly (go you!), and ready and raring to take things to their next level of exposure and income.

Starting and growing a skincare business are two very different phases of one’s journey and as such, a whole different set of strategies and skills is needed.

What many established brands fail to realise is that growth isn’t simply a case of doing-more-of-what’s-worked-in-the-past. Yes, you should keep doing these things, but you also need to be innovative, expand your comfort zone and show up in your business in new ways. 

Allow us to show you how!

Invest in support

Without a doubt, outsourcing and investing in support completely changed the game here at PLSC HQ and we’ve seen it happen time and time and time again in other businesses.

The simple fact of the matter is - the bigger your brand gets, the more there is to do, and you cannot do it all on your own.

As Caryna, the Founder of PLSC will tell you, she was very resistant to outsourcing when she first invited in support … but she has never looked back. In fact, she attributes this support to taking PLSC from 6 figures, into the multi-millions. It was that impactful.

Your job, as the head of your brand is to shine in your zone of genius. We urge you to pay others to shine in theirs so your brand can reach its fullest potential.

Not only will the work get done far more quickly (have you ever noticed how slowly we tend to do things when we don’t love them or aren’t good at them?!) it will also save you a truckload of energy AND frustration.

Your hours are limited - use them to do the things that are going to move your brand forward in the most efficient and effective ways possible.

Investing in the right support will absolutely pay itself off tenfold (if not more!)


What don’t you love doing, or aren’t very good at doing, in your business?

What kind of support would be most beneficial for you? Admin? Copywriting? Graphic design? Accounting? Order fulfilment? Business strategy?


Identify opportunities for growth and expansion

There are always smarter and better ways to do things and now that your brand is humming along nicely, it’s a good time to explore how you can maximise its performance! 

One key way to do this is to identify opportunities!

Here’s some opportunities for you to consider:

  • Is there a way I could get orders to my customers more quickly?
  • Could my packaging do with an upgrade so that it’s more on-brand and professional?
  • How can I improve my customer service experience? 
  • Would a subscription based service support my earnings?
  • Am I utilising a service like AfterPay, and making my products as accessible as possible to everyone who wants and needs them?
  • How could I honour and reward my most loyal customers?
  • Am I offering samples of my products? Would these support people to invest?
  • Could I sell my products in salons, spas or brick and mortar stores?
  • Is my checkout process as simple as possible?
  • Is my SEO as effective as possible?
  • How do I feel drawn to expand my brand? What is calling me to be expressed/done/created?
  • Would the addition of another product add value to my brand and attract new customers?
  • Is it time for me to invest in paid ads?

While we encourage you not to overwhelm yourself and do ALL these things at once, we do invite you to focus your energy into doing the top three that are calling to you to dive in more deeply. When they’re ticked off the list, come back and tick off another three!

Keep in mind too that this list isn’t exhaustive and you always need to do what’s best for you, your brand and your customers.

The strategies that work the best are the ones that:

  1. Are intentional and well thought out, and 
  2. Light you up and excite you! 

Focus your energy there!


Nurture your mindset

Taking your business to the next level often requires people to expand what they think is possible for themselves.

Mindset and energy work together - if you don’t believe you’re actually capable of building a million + dollar business, you won’t be able to call it in energetically (even if you want it SO SO SO badly!)

Very often, to get to where we aspire to be in our businesses, we have to begin with our mindset.

It’s a whole different ball game to build a $100,000 business, than it is to build a million dollar business and it’s impossible to make this leap if your mindset is blocking you. And for most people, it is.

It’s not the ‘norm’ to build a million dollar business and very often thoughts of …

“I’m not worthy”

“I have no idea what I’m doing”

“Earning that amount of money is greedy”, and

“What if I fail?’

… come up and block our path.

We will say it again - you cannot get to where you so desperately want to be in your business if, at your core, you don’t think you can. It just won’t happen.


What beliefs do you have that may get in the way of you taking your brand to the next level?

What thoughts could you begin to rewire these beliefs with? 

Want to explore mindset in depth? Caryna, the Founder of PLSC, created a whole course for you on mindset called ‘Mindset Mastery For Business Success’.

You can find out more here.


Surround yourself with other successful entrepreneurs

Being around other entrepreneurs who are thriving and shining supports us to grow our businesses.

Not only can they offer us great tried-and-true advice, being in their presence and witnessing them work helps to expand our perception of what’s truly possible for ourselves.

As we said at the beginning of this article, different phases of our business journey require different sets of strategies and skills - connecting with people who are at the same point in their journey (and have even progressed beyond it!) can help us to navigate this transition with ease and grace.


Where could you meet other established and successful business owners? In a mastermind? At a networking event? In particular online forums? Simply by reaching out and making contact?

What’s one small step you could take today, to connect with someone new?




And there you have it, four ways you can begin to scale your skincare brand and take it to the next level!

Remember that, just as starting your business was a journey, so too is growing it. Enjoy each step along the way, ALWAYS celebrate your progress (no matter how small it is!) and stay focussed on your big and beautiful future vision for your brand! With perseverance and patience you will get to where you want to be in time.

For those of you looking to upskill and expand your skill sets and knowledge, we have a range of online courses available for you to access here.