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Is procrastination killing your business?

Is procrastination killing your business?

I recently went to a creative workshop and walked away with not only a piece of jewellery to call my own, but a big realisation - procrastination kills progress, and without progress, you cannot succeed. Let me explain...

At the workshop I attended, we were required to pick 108 beads to create a mala necklace. Being the decisive person I am, I was the first to not only choose my beads, but also, to finish creating my piece (not that it’s a competition!) I found the whole process to be simple, enjoyable and relaxing. 

Unfortunately, for some of my fellow attendees, their experience was the complete opposite. They agonised over and struggled to decide which beads to select and because of their uncertainty and procrastination, they almost didn’t finish creating their necklaces by the end of the workshop. Unlike my ‘easy-breezy’ experience, they were left feeling stressed and overwhelmed. 

Let me be clear - I say these words with a full heart and am not sharing this story to put anyone down. This experience is something I wanted to share with you though because I saw so many parallels between it, and business.

As I said - procrastination kills progress, and without progress, you cannot succeed in business.

So many business owners I meet procrastinate and avoid making decisions in their businesses because they’re worried about the outcome. Their fear paralyses them and instead of doing something (anything!), they do nothing. And where there’s no movement, there’s no progress. In fact, even a ‘bad’ decision promotes movement and growth within your business because it offers you learnings and experiences. 

The most successful entrepreneurs I know are calculated risk takers. It doesn’t always mean they get it right, but it does mean they’re constantly moving forward. As well as this, their comfort zones are constantly expanding because they’re trying new things, ‘testing the waters’ and seeing what works and does not work in their business. I know I wouldn’t be the business success I am today without my ability to take smart risks, and make decisions and take action quickly, before I have time to even ask myself, ‘but, what if … ?!’

I see procrastination impacting individual businesses very differently. For some it’s avoiding tasks like posting to social media and making contact with potential stockists; for others it’s avoiding doing things like rebranding and connecting with influencers. However it looks though, there’s always one thing these in-actions have in common ... they stifle progress and prevent that business owner from achieving the level of success they desire.

I want you to ask yourself ...

How am I procrastinating in my business?

How is it harming my progress and success?

I know that taking action in your business can be scary but it’s a non negotiable if you want to get to where you aspire to be. If you already have a business, well done! You’ve taken the first and hardest step. It’s now time to give yourself a fighting chance at creating abundance and financial success - and that begins with you putting your fears to the side, saying goodbye to procrastination and taking action my friend.