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Ten ways to grow your skincare brand on your socials

Ten ways to grow your skincare brand on your socials

With an estimated 5.04 billion people using social media worldwide in 2024, and an expected 5.8 billion to be using social media platforms by 2027, it’s no wonder most skincare companies choose to promote their products and grow their brand awareness in this way.

Like all marketing strategies however, there is an effective and ineffective way to promote your brand and skincare products on social media. Today we want to share 10 tips to help you up-level your social media game. These tips are based on what has worked and not worked for us, what we’ve seen other skincare brands do well, and not so well.  

One: Use high quality graphics and images

Low quality graphics and images will give your followers the impression that your products are of a low quality which is obviously NOT what you want. At PLSC, we have invested a lot of money into graphic designers and photographers to ensure that our social media feeds look top notch and professional. It truly does make the world of difference! You can have a peek at our feed here (while you’re at it, come and join our community!)

Two: Make sure your content is engaging

If the only thing you’re doing on social media is selling, you’re not likely to achieve the success you want. Put yourself in the head of your ideal customer -

What do they struggle with? What are they interested in? How will using your products change their life? How can you talk about your products in a way that excites them (rather than just talking about the ingredients and costs?) 

Unless someone is extremely loyal to your brand, they’re not going to engage with your content and invest in your products unless you can appeal to their heart. Very often, it’s this emotional impact that leads people to buy.

Three: If writing isn’t your forte, recruit the support of a Copywriter or social media management team

Let’s face it, some people just aren’t great at writing. You cannot expect the founder of a business to be able to market, write, manage finances, answer emails, update websites, contact suppliers (and all the rest!) … it’s impossible! 

Outsourcing things that don’t light you up, or that you’re not particularly good at is a must. Leave it to the pro’s to know how to write content that is engaging and will generate more sales in your business - it’s their job!

Four: Engage influencers

An influencer is a well known online figure who you pay to promote and recommend your products on social media. With influencer marketing set to become a $21 billion dollar industry this year, it’s an investment that definitely has the potential to pay off. You can read more about working with influencers in an article we wrote here.

Five: Move people over to your online shop

It’s one thing to get a big following on social media, but if you’re not sending people over to your online shop and converting them into paying customers then you’re missing a big piece of the puzzle. Use the shopping function on Instagram, make sure your URL is in your profile description and use your copy to send people over to your shop, rather than just keeping them on your social media account.

Six: Balance selling with sharing

Yes it’s important to drive sales, but no-one likes to follow accounts that are constantly sales focussed. It’s imperative that you weave other engaging content into the mix! See point two if you need some prompts to get your started with this!

Seven: Keep it professional 

While showing your face as the person behind your brand can be a great way to build engagement and alliance (we do it here at PLSC), remember that your business profile is not your personal account. Be mindful of what you post and always make sure that it’s relevant and serves a purpose.

Eight: Show behind the scenes

People LOVE seeing behind the scenes of a business! Show yourself/your team sending out orders and give people a peek inside your work space! It’s a great way to build connection, make your content memorable and stand out from the crowd.

Nine: Use before and after shots

This is a big one! If you want people to invest in your products, they will need proof that they actually work. Yes testimonials are great but before and after photos of skin that has benefitted from your products will go a long way in establishing trust and credibility.

Ten: Connect! Connect! Connect!

The most successful brands don’t just use social media as a tool to share, they use it as a tool to connect. If someone leaves a comment, write back! If someone sends you a PM, follow up! Comment on the pages of other brands where your ideal customers hang out and build connections within your industry. It’s not called SOCIAL media for nothing!