Are you an aspiring or established...

I know you dream about creating a cult skin care brand. One which will give you a lifestyle business you LOVE and limitless confidence. 

The only problem? You’ve started to do research and discovered the whole process looks pretty...

You know private labelling can be a cost effective, low risk, time-saving way to start your line. But every company you look at seems either hard to trust, is offshore or is too corporate with no soul. You’ve been wondering if anyone can align with your vision. Until now...

I’ve really been in your shoes.

I started my own skin care brand in 2008. Let me tell you the biggest lesson I learned with my own brand, so you don’t have to make the same mistake I did.

You can’t do everything!

It got to the point where I was up until 3am most nights either mixing and filling products, sterilising equipment, replying to emails or boxing up orders. It was exhausting and I was no longer “having fun” the way I thought I would.

I decided I needed to outsource my manufacturing so I could keep up with demand.

 But all the Australian companies were way too expensive at the time and I couldn’t order the kind of quantities they were after. I eventually had to go offshore, even though it went against my values.

While cheaper, the minimum order quantities were still very high and I was ordering 5000- 10,000 units per product at a time, with a retail line of 20 different SKUs. In the end, I had tens of thousands of products that went past their “used by” date before I could sell them, and they had to be thrown away. It was incredibly painful and stressful as you can probably imagine and during this time I found myself thinking, “there must be a better way”.

Eventually, I realised that what I loved the most about what I did was making the skincare.

I had been fascinated with making skin care products ever since I was 10 years old, mixing up my own fresh fruit face masks in our kitchen with oats and honey. As a qualified cosmetic chemist and beauty therapist this really is my zone of genius! Nothing makes me happier than getting hands on with the products. I didn’t enjoy the process of marketing and selling my products, it just wasn’t for me. But for so many ladies, this is their favourite part!

If you love marketing, sales and customer service, but don’t have the knowledge or time to physically make the products and don’t want the huge expense or delayed time frame involved in getting your own custom formulas, you’re the perfect brand to partner with us. Think of us as your skin care making fairy godmothers, whipping up your products behind the scenes while you can relax and focus all your energy on spreading the word and building your brand.

  • My vision is to facilitate and inspire Australian women to take control of their life, their dreams and their income. 

    Especially mums like me who can’t bear to be away from their little ones but still want to build a business. 

Made for you in the Gold Coast, Australia

What you see is what you get with us. You can see that we are a real Australian family — making all our products in our eco lab which has been custom built on our Gold Coast property.

My husband, small team and I lovingly hand make small batch skincare products for hundreds of small skincare brands around Australia and we would love to help you make your skincare brand dreams a reality too.


My Family

I met my husband Tony, whilst volunteering in Africa back in 2006. We were building mud brick homes in a remote part of Tanzania and fell madly in love. Tony is originally from Scotland and he has a beautiful blend of Caribbean and Scottish heritage.

Over a decade later we now have 3 beautiful boys, our first born Tayger, who we named after an amazing little boy in the village where we volunteered, our middle son Jayden and our newest addition Braxton.

The beautiful Labrador in all the pictures is our baby girl Mali. We named her after the country in Africa not Marley & Me :-) Mali is a such big part of our family and been by our sides for over a decade.

Meet the Team


Owner of PLSC

Caryna is the founder and owner of PLSC. She lives and breathes PLSC and is deeply devoted to helping her brands grow, succeed and build abundant businesses. When she’s not bustling away behind the scenes, you’ll find Caryna hanging out with her kids (her #1 favourite thing to do!), learning something new, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, or working on her book (yes, she’s writing a book!)


Co-owner of PLSC

Tony is Caryna’s loving husband and right hand man. He brings an air of calm to the lab and is the King of staying relaxed under pressure. Tony loves being in nature, spending time with his family and relaxing in the spa with a Canadian Club in hand (after hours of course!) Originally from Scotland, Tony and Caryna met while volunteering in a remote village in Tanzania many moons ago!


Personal Assistant

Alana works virtually and does a bit of everything at PLSC. From designing resources, responding to emails and keeping things working like a fine tuned machine, Alana is a Jack-of-all-trades! She's a deep thinking soul who is passionate about graphic and web design and supporting women to step into their power and shine their light in the world. When she's not working at PLSC, you can find Alana spending time with her inquisitive and adventurous son, sipping tea in the sunshine and enjoying pockets of stillness.


Assistant and Copywriter

Che is PLSC’s Copywriter. She has a freakish love of writing and is passionate about helping people build soulful businesses that are a joy to work in. When she’s not tapping away at her laptop and creating biz building goodies for PLSC’s clients, you’ll find her reading a fiction novel and spending time in nature. She’s currently travelling around Australia in her mini bus, Albie.


Lab Assistant

Tash is one of the sweetest and kindest people you’ll ever meet and helps make the PLSC lab feel like a family home. Tash is responsible for processing professional products and samples and always does so with a big smile on her face. Tash also has an eye for design and a deep love of all things spirituality.


Lab Assistant

Lauren is a grounding presence in the lab and she prepares and packs orders for PLSC’s clients with a whoooooole lot of love. Passionate about animal welfare, Lauren is a vegan who lives and breathes PLSC values of non cruelty and love for all living beings. Lauren is often sharing funny jokes with the team because her partner is a comedian (how cool a job is that!) We’re so grateful for the joy and laughs she brings to the space!


Jas is PLSC’s Virtual Assistant and most people’s first port of call when they connect with us (she’s the one you’ll talk to if you email)! Originally from the UK, Jas tries to escape the Australian heat and visit her family as often as possible. A Mum of two (to a little boy Kasper and cat Coco) Jas is a busy bee who switches off by dining out with friends and curling up on the couch with her loves.

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