Writing for Skincare Business Success Course

Capturing the attention of your ideal customers and growing a profitable and sustainable skincare business takes more than just high quality products, professional images and a well designed website. Yes, it’s essential that your products and the visuals you put out into the world are top quality, but your copy (aka your words) need to be just as thoughtfully crafted. Having well written copy is not just about your words sounding good, it’s about them being constructed and delivered in a way that captures attention and sells.

Your copy impacts so many different areas of your business - your product descriptions, social media presence, product descriptions, website pages, newsletters, blog posts, brochures and catalogues - just to name a few! Throughout my many decades in business, I’ve seen too many brands let themselves down when it comes to their copy. Sadly, investing time into writing copy that grabs attention and sells is often at the bottom of the to-do list when people start a skincare business. Because of this, their business doesn’t gain the exposure and traction, and they don’t achieve the success that they aspire to.

High quality copy:

    * Converts readers who land on your website or social media, or potential customers who pick up your product, into buyers
    * Captures the unique essence and personality of your brand and your unique selling points
    * Suggests that you are a professional brand selling a high quality product
    * Compels them to invest
    * Builds a relationship and brand loyalty
    * Differentiates you and helps you stand out in a saturated market.

        Our Writing For Skincare Business Success course will teach you how to write compelling copy that converts and helps you grow a profitable and sustainable skincare business. If writing doesn’t come naturally to you, don’t despair - we’ve broken things down into bite sized and practical pieces and added in templates and examples. 

        Writing For Skincare Business Success will help you:

          * Work out who your ideal customer is, and write with them in mind
          * Get clear on the voice of your brand
          * Write compelling product descriptions that convert
          * Create compelling content for social media
          * Write blog posts for your website

          * Gain an awareness of the key things you need to keep in mind when creating copy for your brand.

            The course also includes:

              * An ideal customer worksheet
              * Templates to help you create clear and intentional product descriptions
              * An easy to follow template to help you craft compelling blog posts
              * A handy worksheet to help you get clear on who you’re talking to, what your ideal customers need and want from you, and what sets your brand apart from the rest.

                The course is a self directed online course that gifts you PDF teachings and worksheets that you can work through at your own pace. Even if you class yourself as a ‘good’ writer, this course is for you. Very often, many of the brands we work with don’t have a background in business. Writing For Skincare Business Success combines both copywriting and business knowledge to help your brand thrive and succeed.

                This course compliments our Skincare Success Simplified course beautifully.

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