Are you a salon or spa owner who:

  • Wants to diversify your income streams and maximise your earning potential?
  • Has dreamed of having your own skincare range, and selling your own products?
  • Would love to use your own, personally branded skincare products in your treatments with clients?
  • Wants to set yourself apart from other salons and spas, and offer a range that is exclusive to your business?

Creating your own product range to sell in your salon or spa, can be a simple but effective way to do all these things and take your business to the next level!

At PLSC, we make the process
affordable, quick and simple.

In just a few short weeks, we can make your dream of selling your own skincare range, for a cost that generates a sizeable profit in your business, a reality.

Picture this...

A client books into your salon for a facial. She’s so impressed by the products you treated her skin to during her session that, at the end of her time with you, she purchases the full product range to take home with her.

Instead of getting a 50% cut,

which you used to when you sold another brand’s products to your clients,

you now make a 200% profit.

Hear from a salon owner...

"My clients love the products and have noticed big changes in their skin. I only sell what I truly believe in - I use all the products myself and have had amazing results. It’s an absolute pleasure working with Private Label Skincare!"
— Katie - QLD - Salon Owner

The all-inclusive

Salon Starter


What is included:

80 Retail-Sized Products

for you to sell in your salon on spa. You can choose any 8 retail sized - you’ll receive 10 units of each product.

You could choose:

  • 10 x cleansers of your choice
  • 10 x toning mists of your choice
  • 10 x exfoliants of your choice
  • 10 x masks of your choice
  • 10 x serums of your choice
  • 10 x oils or elixirs of your choice
  • 10 x moisturisers of your choice
  • 10 x eye cream or blemish spot remover

PLEASE NOTE: these product types are just suggestions. Your range can be made up of whichever products you choose. You cannot mix the 10 units with different products (Example: 5 x Native Cleanser & 5 x Enzyme Cleanser). Each product has a minimum order quantity of 10.

Valued up to $1,352.

Professional Sizes of all 8 Products

Professional sizes of all 8 products (matching your retail products) for you to use in your facial treatments.

Valued up to $300.

8 Tester Labels

We supply 8 tester stickers with your order. We recommend you use one of each retail item as a tester product so your salon or spa visitors can test the products (and fall in love with them!) before they purchase them.

Product Labels

8 x professionally designed product labels (simply choose from 6 beautifully designed templates), with your logo and branding, for each of your retail sized products.

Valued at $280.

Product Images

8 x individual product images, on a white background, for you to use in your eCommerce store or for marketing collateral.

Valued at $160.


1 x professionally styled photoshoot of your product range, using a variety of props and backgrounds. Perfect for social media and website use.

Valued at $595.

A Custom Branded Training Manual

A custom branded Training Manual with your logo, chosen product names, and photos from your photoshoot for you to use educating and training your salon staff.

Valued at $295.

Skincare Success Simplified Online Course

Skincare Success Simplified is an 8 module course that will teach you everything you need to know about starting and building your own skincare business, and selling your products in your salon or spa.  

Valued at $495.

Marketing for Skincare Success Course

A 5 module course that will teach you how to create and implement a 12 month marketing strategy in your skincare business. Created for both new and established business owners, it will break down the process into bite-sized steps, and have you feeling confident and excited to level-up your business.

Valued at $295.

  • Copywriting Course ‘Writing for Skincare Business Success’

    Writing for Skincare Business Success is a practical online course that will teach you how to write copy for your skincare brand that converts your clients/shoppers/website visitors/social media followers into loyal, paying customers. 

    Valued at $195.

The all-inclusive

Salon Starter


Valued at $4,100

Hear from a salon owner...

"I wouldn’t have been able to bring my own skincare range to life without the support from Private Label Skincare. They take away all the hard work and provide an easy avenue to branding your own skincare."
— Chole - NSW - Skin Clinic

  • Faqs

No, you don’t! You can replenish your retail sized products and professional sized products via our online store. Our retail sized products have a low MOQ of just 10 and our professional sized products can be ordered individually!

The process is quick and simple!

During week 1 we will send you a design brief and introduce you to your designer.

During week 2 your designer will create your labels and PLSC will bring your products to life!

During week 3 we will have your products professionally photographed, and create your customised Training Manual.

During week 4 all your products will be sent to your salon or spa, with your ready for you to use in treatments, and sell. All you need to do is apply your labels, then you’re ready to go!

You can! You can choose, for example, the cleanser you want from our Enzyme range and the toning mist you want from our Botanical range. The only thing you cannot do is split up your products and choose say, 5 cleansers from one range and 5 cleansers from a different range. All 10 of your cleansers (and toning mists, moisturisers, etc.) must come from the same range as we have a 10-piece minimum for each product.

We sure do! Samples can be ordered here. 

  • Hear from a customer...

    “I ordered some sample products which I absolutely loved! They have changed my skin in such a short time - which is a big deal for me after having heaps of skin issues."

At PLSC, we make the journey of creating your own product range to sell in your salon or spa easy and affordable.

If you're ready to:

  • Expand your business
  • Make more money
  • Offer a premium, personally branded range of products to your clients

then I'd love to support you.

The all-inclusive

Salon Starter


Valued at $4,100