Uniquely customised skincare, to help you stand out from the crowd and take your brand to the next level.

Dreaming of a simple & cost effective way to create your unique skincare range?

Why create a customised product?

The Creation Process is Fun!

You’ll have a great time choosing from our extensive smorgasboard of key ingredients, essential oils and natural scents and developing a special formulation of your own. If you’ve ever dreamed of selling a unique product without going through an expensive and impersonal contract manufacturer, then you’ll love our Product Customisation Service!

With hundreds of possible combinations for you to choose from, you can create your own unique product/s with your ideal customer in mind, that is like no other on the market! From crystal tinctures and herbal plants to Australian native ingredients, fruit extracts and high performance ingredients, we have something for every brand!

Your Unique Blend in Less than a Month!

Unlike our standard private labelling service, our product customisation service allows you to create your own unique blend by mixing one of our base products with your choice of key ingredients and essential oils or natural scents.

Supported by a qualified Cosmetic Chemist (Caryna, the Founder of PLSC), you’ll be given all the information and support you need to create a unique and professional product that not only smells great and feels good on the skin, but actually works! No experience is necessary! Just bring your creativity and enthusiasm!

Within less than a month, you’ll have your own uniquely formulated product leaving our lab! Add it permanently to your range, or offer it as a limited time blend - the choice is yours!

Here’s how the simple and fun process works:


We have five popular bases that are available to be customised:


Fruit Extracts & Oils

High Performance Cosmeceuticals

Crystal Alchemy Tinctures

Australian Native Extracts

Herbal Plant Extracts & Oils

Select your Essential Oils & Natural Scents

Try a Sample

Select your packaging

Ordering Your Customised Products

Need more help?

Download the catalogue!

View our catalogue to get an in-depth breakdown of what is involved in the Product Customisation Service.

  • Faqs

No, our bases cannot be altered, but you can add your own unique blend of key ingredients and essential oils to our bases.

This may be a possibility however not a guarantee. Please email us to discuss. Keeping in mind we choose to exclusively work with vegan and naturally derived ingredients.

Due to the unique nature of each product this is not a possibility. I would recommend using your retail items for treatments.

No sorry, this is not a service we offer with our customised products. The team at Long Story Short Design and Print can help you!

. Our pricing includes the product, the packaging (in packaging option) GST and freight Australia wide. The pricing excludes label design and label printing.

All of our packaging is recyclable. The caps and fittings do need to be removed before recycling.

No, our products don’t include boxes.

No we don't. Only jars and bottles.

Due to confidentiality we cannot disclose any of our brands.

Yes. We need to approve your packaging before you place your order. Please send through your packaging specifications before placing your order. Packaging is to be shipped to our lab on the Gold Coast at your expense.

We definitely suggest sourcing your own so you can stand out from the crowd and differentiate yourself within the market. It's also preferred that any brands ordering over 500 products source their own packaging. If you choose not to, this may slow down your turnaround time significantly.

No. We ask that you only send us the amount of packaging we require to fulfill your order (plus 2 to 3 extras, just in case of damage or faulty lids) It is preferred that your packaging arrive around the time you place your order so please co-ordinate this accordingly.

No. Our products use natural ingredients, but we are not and don't claim to be certified organic.

No, our customised product service is only open to Australian businesses only.

Our customised products all have a 12 month shelf life.

Private Label Skin Care will supply all product MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) free of charge. We also have COA (Certificate of Analysis) available for $25 each. Both of which may be required when exporting your products into different countries. We don't however complete any paperwork on your behalf.

We sure can! Our low cost Ingredient Selection Service can help! This service will offer you our top 3 recommendations developed specifically with your brand and ideal customer in mind. You can find out more about this service here.

Yes, you can!

Retail sized products are much more time and resource intensive for us to create. Our retail cost covers such expenses as overheads, staff, packaging costs, packaging sterilisation, storage, etc.

Once you’ve chosen which key ingredients and essential oils/fragrances you want to include in your bespoke product, we will give you a full ingredient list which you can add to your labels!

No. Because our products contain active ingredients and essential oils, they cannot be used on young delicate skin. If you choose to sell them for this purpose, you won't be covered by our insurance.

No. We cannot guarantee that no other brand will have the exact same product as you (although, this is very unlikely!) and the IP cannot be purchased from us.

This isn't a service we offer sorry.

Samples - Allow 7 days plus shipping time Retail products - 20 - 30 days plus shipping Bulk sized products - 7 - 30 days plus shipping Orders of 2,500 and 5,000 please allow additional 7 business days. Please note turnaround times start once packaging has been received and order is paid in full.

Please note: Do not book trade events, photoshoots, pop up stalls etc. until you have received your products, we will not be held responsible for any expenses incurred if there is a delay in production.