Looking After Your Skincare Business During the Coronavirus Outbreak

March 16, 2020

Looking After Your Skincare Business  During the Coronavirus Outbreak

With the Coronavirus impacting so many individuals, families, communities and businesses around the world, the PLSC team wanted to check in and offer some practical business advice to see you through this time of great change and uncertainty. 

We hope that this advice encourages you to see the opportunities that exist for your business throughout this pandemic, and inspires you to think outside the box about what your options are going forward. 

Please know that you’re all in our thoughts during this difficult time!

Build and nurture your online community

With many businesses experiencing a drop in sales, now is the perfect opportunity to funnel your energy into building and nurturing your online community (like your followers on social media and subscribers on your mailing list). Our connection to our existing and prospective customers is of utmost importance to the health of our business and as such, it’s important that we invest time and energy into connecting and sharing with them. Now is the perfect opportunity to show up more frequently and intentionally on social media and in people’s inboxes, not just to promote and sell, but to educate, build a relationship and support.

Plan ahead

Although PLSC does not use international suppliers, some of the companies we do source from get their packaging and ingredients from overseas. Because of this, we have had to plan ahead and order huge amounts of packaging and ingredients to ensure that we can fulfill our client’s orders and keep their businesses running.

We encourage you to consider this in your own business. 

If you are a PLSC client, do you need to put in an order now to ensure that your business will continue to have stock should a shortage occur?

If you manufacture your own products, do you need to do as we did and purchase packaging and ingredients in bulk to see you through?

Consider what things are vital to your businesses operation, think ahead and plan appropriately.

Upskill and expand your knowledge

Many of our clients have told us that this slower period has allowed them to upskill and expand their business knowledge. Very often when business is running as per usual, education and upskilling tends to get put on the backburner. If there’s something you’ve been wanting and needing to learn, now may be the perfect time! 

We have a number of courses on offer that have been created specifically for skincare business owners. You can find out more here.

Think outside the box and consider new income streams you can incorporate into your business 

Something the Coronavirus has highlighted to many people is that they need to have a number of income streams in their business. 

Think outside the box and do a brainstorm for yourself ...

Would online courses add value to your customers/clients lives? For example, teaching people how to do a DIY facial or creating a self care course that incorporates your products.

Is there someone you could combine forces with to provide a unique offering? For example, pairing up with a Nutritionist to create a course aimed at getting people’s skin shining from the inside out?

Let your imagination run wild! No idea is a bad idea!

Try our samples and either start a range of your own, or expand your existing one

If you’ve been wanting to try PLSC’s samples for some time, then now is the perfect opportunity! You may even like to work away behind the scenes getting your business ready so that it’s ready to launch once the Coronavirus passes.

If you’re already an existing PLSC customer and have been toying with the idea of expanding your range, now is a great time to try some of our other products!

Our low cost samples can be ordered here.

Create at-home facial packs

We know that our friends in salons and spas are struggling at the moment (our hearts go out to you!) For these people we suggest creating an at-home facial pack (you could even pair it with a short DIY facial guide) that your clients can do themselves in the comfort of their own home. This is a great way to ensure that you client’s skin is still getting looked after, and that you’re still generating revenue. 

Promote bundles, over individual products

While all sales are good sales, it can be helpful to be strategic about what you are selling. An easy way to make more money is to encourage people to invest in bundles over individual products. This also means they may be exposed to more of your products which they’ll hopefully reorder in the future!

Focus on issues your customers may be experiencing at the moment and how your products can support them

Skincare is about so much more than just skin, so think about the role your products can play in people’s lives during this current time.

Perhaps your products can be used as a self care and stress relief tool?

Maybe they’re a way to bring the family together to do something nurturing and loving?

Could even be sent as gifts to people’s loved ones who are going through a particularly challenging time?

Try and put yourself in your customer/clients shoes and think about how you may be able to serve this at this point in time.

Look after yourself

It’s very hard to run a business when you’re feeling stressed so we recommend focussing on your wellbeing as your number one priority. Feeling calm will help you see possibilities and support you to remain positive. Our businesses cannot thrive if we are not well so although it can feel counterintuitive at times, don’t feel scared to press pause and take a step back from your work for a couple of hours/days.